We proudly provide materials to shtuff!  shtuff is a line of unique home designe elements created from found objects.  Click here to learn more!

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Michelle Hummel​Marketing Director

Tom Rebholz


We are builders located in Northern Virginia.  We are successful because we have a clear vision of what people want and expect.  We know that the homes we build will be the very foundation of their family's future.

Our homes are known for their classic design and enduring value.  When you get a home from Walnut Creek Homes, you can count on it for generations.

We are among the most trusted names in building in Northern Virginia!  Our homes are affordable, state of the art, and customized, which means that none of our homes are exactly alike.  Each one is customized with the personal choices of our customers.

Please do not hesitate to visit one of our current projects or one of our completed jobs to see what Walnut Creek Homes is all about.  You will see that you should buy your new home from a builder who cherishes the same ideals and values that you do.

Mike Hummel

​Land Acquisition & Development Manager